Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow uppdate

Well, after oversleeping due to my late night meeting, I set off for work. It was not too bad when I left home, the snow on my car and our houses had disappeared. As I got nearer my meeting destination for today the snow laying was getting thicker and thicker and the road conditions worse, with slushy snow/ice.

What finally blew my mind away was the clear blue skies and bright sunshine, the gorgeous autumn colours of the trees, all vibrant oranges and reds, the snow laying on the fields amd hedges, and then would you believe a hot air balloon rising up in the distance - a combination of summer, autumn and winter all in one - just wish I had my camera with me.

The temperatures are still very low for this time of year, although according to the weather forcast they will rise again next week. No wonder the main topic of conversation for us Brits is the weather - lol.

Well at least I will have someone to warm my feet on this evening as the SO is back from his training course.


Missie said...

That would have been a beautiful picture!

Marie said...

It sounds lovely Mary. We didn't get any snow here, but it sure has been cold!

Julia said...

That is such a drag about the snow. I hope we don't get any for a long time

Coelha :B said...

I don't live where there is snow, so when I hear of snow, it always makes me happy. I do admit--I get a good chuckle when I hear about the ex-husband shoveling snow on the east coast... :) Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary.... runs in door panting.... I finally got here! I wish you'd had your camera with you too, that sounded such an idyllic picture! I hope the snow has gone now. It looks pretty coming down but after a few hours it turns into a mess! Enjoy your Sunday. Jeannette xx

Sal said...

I am on the East Coast UK, and we haven't had any snow as yet..just rain, rain, and more rain!
Nice journal. I have enjoyed my visit here :-)