Monday, 30 July 2007

Just over 2 days to go

We now have just about 2 days to go before the op.  We are due into hospital on 1st August, for the op on 2nd.  Bob is really quite tired now, although he will not admit it.  Me, I am worried, stressed and in the middle of a major fibromyalgia flare up.  My physio says it is all to do with stress, so lets hope that goes away after Thursday, because I need to be fit and well to look after him, when he comes out of hospital



Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Our new journey

We are now about the embark on a new jounrey in our life.  When Bob was in America for his secondment he came home at Christmas and was seen by a heart surgeon.  We were led to believe, that although he had a heart problem we had a lot of time to deal with it.  When we got back we saw the specialist, and today saw the surgeon.  Without a valve replacement he has less than 2 years to live, so we are going ahead with an op on 2nd August to replace his faulty valve.  He has ankoylising spondalytis, which has caused the valve to misfunction.  We knew this could happen, but have not been prepared for it to happen at 52.  I am not sure how I am feeling at present.  Given the job that I do, I only see the cases that go wrong, so it is hard to feel positive.  Luckily he is feeling that all will be well after 2nd August