Thursday, 30 August 2007

What's new

It has now been almost a month since Bob's operation and he is doing well.  Fortunately he is pretty much a lazy, laid back person, so having to do not a lot for a few months is not a problem to him.  What with his reading, computer, internet chess and the cricket he is keeping himself amused, and I am now able to leave him for a couple of hours at a time to pop into work. The worst is no wine, as they cannot get his Warfarin levels stabalised at present, they shot up far to high, and as booze also thins the blood we cannot risk him bleeding to death.

Mind you this internet is a wonderful thing as I have been able to work from home, and along with my mobile phone no one really knows that I am not in the office (apart from the office staff of course).

All the running around after Bob has caused my fibromyalgia to flare up, and also a knee problem (had Xrays yesterday to see if there is more wear and tear since the last Xray about 5 years ago).  The pain killers do not help, they just make me whoozy which I hate. 

We are supposed to up Bob's exercise by walking more, but at the moment when we are out he races ahead of me, and anyone seeing us would think he is looking after me as I creep up behind with my walking stick.

I have just started a college course on diet and nutrition, so had better get back to starting the assignment I came up to my office an hour ago to do.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Home now

It is now 10 days since Bob's operation and he is doing really well.  The Doctor's were pleased with how the operation went and how quickly he became mobile again.  Due to the nature of his medical condition he had to have a mechanical valve fitted, so we are attending blood clinics alternative days so that they can get his Warfarin levels right.  He has been home now since Wednesday evening and as luck would have it the Test Match is on, so he is being kept quiet and occupied watching England V India (not that England are doing so well, but the cricket is still good).


He now has to be patient as the recovery period is slowish, and he is not allowed back to work until November.