Tuesday, 28 October 2008

OMG its snowing

I have just come out of a late meeting to be greeted by snow. Falling heavily, albeit onto very wet roads. Running around to the car park I found my car covered and the temperature reading saying it was -5 degrees c. Now how can that be for 28th October, summer is barely over, except that we never really had one, and autumn has just begun.

I have 20 miles to drive to and from work each day, and it was a horrible drive home this evening, especially as it was now 10.00 pm and I was tired, and with sore eyes due to too much time on the computer today. The damn staff always want paying during the last week of the month lol.

Last night was extremely cold and in the absence of my SO who is on some conference or other, I had to find other means of warming my feet up - so went in search of another blanket. Given the temperature this evening I may have to find another blanket and wear bed socks.

They are forecasting snow through the night and extremely icy roads in the morning, which may not bode too well for my journey up the M4

Still for now it is late, so I am going to bed with a magazine read for a few mins, and then hopefully into the land of nod till 7.00 am


Jeannette said...

Have not seen any snow here but it is so cold. I am going to put extra bedding on tonight as well. Maybe even get a hot water bottle out.

Coelha :B said...

Wow..snow in October.. Sounds so strange! Keep warm! Julie