Monday, 31 December 2007

One could be forgiven for thinking it is Spring

We went down to Devon on Saturday for a couple of days to visit M.I.L.  - It was a bright and sunny day (after a horrendous night of rain and high winds) - with good views all the way down the M4/M5.

As we were travelling down I spied some sheep, well lots of them actually, but in one field there were three lambs, a single and twins, a bit early I should think but given the temperatures in these parts have been around 10 degrees Celsius recently, the sheep must have thought it was time to do their business.

On Sunday we drove from Exeter up to Dartmoor, again the weather was lovely.  We stopped in a nice old pub, with peat fires for a Mulled Wine, and then onto Tavistock for a look around the town and a quick snack in a nice place called Cafe Liaison, where there was a musician.  Mind you, I am not so sure I would like to live on Dartmoor - when we went into the pub the sun was shining and when we came out barely half hour later fog was coming down.  Driving away from there, within 10 minutes we were in sunshine again.  It was also nice not to have it get so dark so early, as it stays lighter later in those parts.

Today we came back home, and I have just had my knee reviewed.  Healing slowing is the surgeon's opinion and I have to go back in four months.


Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Our Christmas

Well as far as family stuff was concerned yesterday (Christmas Day was quiet) we spent it at home on our own, just the two of us - today (Boxing Day) has been a little more hectic as we visited one of our daughters, her husband and four children.  Just taking them their presents made a great deal of room on our spare bed and when we see the other five grandchildren on Friday we may be able to have visitors again.


On the workside,  I have had the privilege of being on call, and have been for the last month, to help relieve the problems that carers face when they cannot cope. This Christmas has been no different from others as we receive calls from those at the end of their tether, with no family or friends nearby to help out, so they have to contact our charity.  It has been a exhausting few days for me, with 40 - 50 calls made either to us, or by me to track down carer support workers who can help out, and one lady admitted to residential care because her carer cannot get out of bed due to back spasms. Of course the statutory services are closed over the bank holidays, and emergency duty service in our area refers people to us if the carer needs someone to call on them to help them out, which is not a problem as that is what we are funded to do (so long as we do not have half our workforce sick like we did for the two weeks preceding Christmas).

Mind you, try explaining to others around you what is going on when the phone interrupts you for the umpteenth time in a day (and this morning even before my alarm went off).

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas everyone

 3D Santa Happy Christmas everyone 

Sunday, 9 December 2007

A dog called Whiskey

This week end I have been working in the Isle of Wight, and at the B & B we were staying at we came across a dog called Whiskey - a terrier - and do you know what we discovered - he is the only dog known that has his own account at the Lifeboat Station.  He has a fetish for tennis balls, and runs off way in front of his owners and help himself to one from the dispay.  On the till is a piece of paper marked 'Whiskey's account' and they note the amount of balls he takes, for his owner to pay for when he finally catches up with him


 Thank You