Monday, 22 December 2008

Here is hoping 2009 brings better luck

2008 is finishing on a poor note for us. Bob was made redundant on 19th December. No consultation or negotiation, just an interview to tell him that out of the 3 of 7 people who might be made redundant he had been chosen. Not bad for 30 years of service for the same company. So you will appreciate that he is not a happy bunny and everything I try to suggest is a critism. Unfortunately his current circumstances does not take away the fact that outside of work he is a lazy sod, who would rather play with his computer - chess and emails (or whatever), watch cricket and go birdwatching. Home type things are not for him, so households tasks are something to be done only when we have visitors, and as we do not have them often enough, his efforts housework wise are extremely limited.

Whilst all that was going on his mother became ill and managed to get a serious chest infection, and then the noro virus which closed the hospital for over two weeks.

We are off tomorrow to fetch her here for Christmas, so a journey to Exeter. Of course the house is not fit for guests, too untidy, very dusty and goodness knows only knows when last hoovered. Sympton of the fact that I work long hours and have a partner who would not recognise the place was mess unless he could no longer get through the door.

And yes I am feeling undervalued and sorry for myself at present


Lisa said...

Mary, I am sorry to hear things have deteriorated for you so much. I do hope 2009 proves to be a better year for you.
Take care & I sincerely hope your spirits lift.

Missie said...

2009 will be a better year for all of us!

Marie said...

Mary, I am so sorry to hear that your partner has lost his job and is less than helpful around the house. Perhaps he is a bit depressed at being out of work? I am hoping better things for you in 2009. (((hugs))) May you be able to eke out some joy and blessings from Christmas regardless. :-)